Hack Your Education


When I think of hacking, I think of computer hackers who hack to exploit and break into computer systems. I am sure most of you think of hackers to be this way too. In the computer world there are good hackers as well. According to Bud Hunt and his blog, a hack is a fiddle that improves a process or program. This is not exclusively held for computer systems. Thinking as a teacher, lets hack education.

According to Logan LaPlante’s TED talk, he wants to be happy. Don’t we all want to be happy? Personally I want to achieve happiness. Are schools preparing us to make a living or a life? What do you think?

Some students thrive in the current school system. Others feel their want to learn is being hindered by what standards say we have to learn. As a future teacher, I think it is the teachers job to work within the standards and what our students actually want to learn. I say it is the teachers job because how schools are run they will never work perfectly. Teachers know what their students need.  Make learning fun again! Shoot, why are teachers not already doing this? Because it takes extra work and extra time. Many might not even know where to start. And it is not going to work the first time you try it. Like anything, it is going to take a lot of practice and collaboration between all parties involved. The practice will be worth it. Your students will become more interested in school, more motivated, they eventually will learn more and hopefully, their happiness will increase.

To start this, teachers need to hack education. First thing is to understand the problem. What are the standards to be taught today? How can you personalize the standards to meet individual students needs? These questions will have different answers per different teacher. Teachers can start their lessons the way they want to. Make sure students can give immediate feedback to make the lesson better. Have your students tell you what they want to gain from this standard. Continue to appeal to the different learning styles.

Overall, I think that students need to have more say in their education. I know there will never be a perfect solution but take the leap. Hack the education system with your students to meet their individual needs. I know I will try.




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